Thursday, 31 May 2018

AD| Messy Fun: Painting With Munchkin

Ok, so remember last week I told you all about our meal-time and bath-time adventures with Munchkin (you can read about it here)? Well this week, they set us a new challenge, it involved washable (thank goodness!) paint, a heap of Munchkin kit and an excited and slightly bemused toddler. I haven't tried painting with her up until this point,  not sure whether she would understand, but she loves using her chalks and crayons so this seemed like a good next step. 

We're in the process of renovating the garden so I decided that we'd do it in the kitchen, I cleared away the table and closed the doors so that she couldn't escape into the living room. Can you imagine?! We'd been out earlier that morning and she'd selected some pastel coloured paints (good choice girl!), brushes and I'd found an old roll of lining wallpaper in the loft. I knew I was keeping it for a good reason! My mum arrived to snap some photos of this momentus occasion and we set about sticking rolls of wallpaper to the floor. I covered quite a large area to make sure that she had lots of paper to go wild with her paintbrushes.

Lots of the Munchkin products that we tested out last week came in very handy for painting, the toddler divided plates were great for keeping paint colours separate and the splash cups provided a very sturdy place to keep paintbrushes. They're both dishwasher safe so only required a quick rise before throwing them in the dishwasher, they're non-porous too, so were resistant to the paint's pigment (unlike her little Ikea table and chairs)! We also made use of the bottle cleaning brushes to create different effects with the paint and even tried squirting the paint with the easy clean bath squirts, they come apart into two pieces so are very easy to wash out.

What did I learn? 
Washable paints aren't always entirely washable, the pigment does stain clothes and untreated wood. Next time I'd let her paint in only a nappy!

They will be covered, you will be covered, your camera will be covered! I diligently applied an apron to her but didn't think about myself. The white t-shirt actually survived right to the end when tiny painty hands decided they wanted a cuddle!

Would I do it again?
Sure I would! In the garden, and when she's a little bit older. I think it's a great activity, and kept her entertained for almost an hour, seventeen months old is probably slightly too early to understand. You don't know until you try though!

How did the Munchkin products work? 
Brilliantly, the toddler divided plates were fantastic for separating out the different paint colours,  we used two, which meant that we could separate six colours out (that's plenty for a toddler!).  I love that they have grip underneath so that they don't slide around when using them. The splash cup made a very sturdy brush holder too, and we had fun making flower patterns with the bottle brushes. The easy clean bath squirts worked well once I had watered down the paints, but I'd definitely use these outside next time!

Overall it was a really fun activity and I'm so glad I captured her first painting session on camera. I'm sure there will be many more to come! I'd love to hear when you first tried painting with your little one, come chat to me on instagram.

This post was a collaboration with Munchkin. Find out more about their clever products here.

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