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AD | Putting Clever Munchkin Products To The Toddler Test

My introduction to the brand Munchkin came a few months ago when my cousin popped round with her little boy, he was drinking from a frankly ingenious cup, the weighted straw meant that he could drink from it from any angle. I am not an impulsive person but I immediately went out to buy one (they were actually out of stock and my mum found one a few days later, but you get the gist). It's been a firm favourite, my sixteen month old has used it every day since, so I was frankly thrilled when an email dropped into my inbox asking if I'd like to collaborate with the brand. They sent over an enormous box of goodies and my number one employee put them all to the test. 

First up, feeding kit. Munchkin make everything you could need for filling those little faces, from cups and beakers to plates and bowls. I actually specifically requested the suction bowls to try, G regularly inadvertently (I think) tips her entire bowl of food onto the floor and these have made it so much easier for her to feed herself, she can concentrate fully on one-handed loading rather than chasing a bowl around the high chair table. They're also great for cake making and sharing snacks, nobody can snatch a bowl that doesn't move!  Just a note to say, at this point that everything is very reasonably priced. Three suction bowls are £9.50!

These toddler divider plates are great for portioning out dinner and makes meal times more interesting for her. They have a non slip feature on the bottom so although they don't attach with suction they do put up some resistance and don't slide around while she's chasing peas!

She tried out the two types of cutlery, all plastic and a plastic, metal mix. The winner for her stage is definitely the plastic handled metal cutlery. They are short in length which helps her to aim for the mouth, are really easy for her to grip and the metal element means the transition to regular cutlery will be smoother. 

The last thing that I want to touch on in the feeding department are cups and beakers. The tip and sip straw cup is the one that I talked about in my intro and it is brilliant, the weight at the base of the straw follows the liquid so that she's always drinking water rather than fresh air. This comes with a cleaning wand to get down into the straw too. Handy. 

She's also been trying the miracle 360 cup which is suitable from 12 months, it's designed so that they can drink from any point, and doesn't spill. Very clever. She loves using this one at the moment, as she gets older she'll move onto the aptly named "splash" cups. These are regular cups with training lids, a free flow option which she just can't be trusted with yet, they work almost like a coffee cup plastic lid with a small hole to drink from.

I just thought I'd add a picture of what happens when you give a "splash" training cup to a toddler that's not quite ready, a juice lake in the bib! But all that mess does lead me neatly favourite, bath time! She'd started getting a little bit odd about bath time, wanting to get out as soon as she'd got in so I wasn't sure how she'd take to the bath toys, the verdict? On day one of trying them out she stayed in for a full hour, she was full-on wrinkly. She had so much fun playing with them. The next day Tom bathed her, let's just say his dinner got cold. There are no quick baths anymore! 

Her absolute favourite was the Duck Dunk. I think she could spend an hour alone throwing the balls into the net, the suckers attached it well to the wall of our roll top bath and held firm against her strength. From a safety perspective, the balls are much larger than they appear on the website and most definitely aren't a choke hazard. She did try (and fail) to eat them.

Next we tried out the Clean Squeeze bath squirts. They're designed so that you can open them up and fully clean inside, which is a great feature as they're in and out of water every day. They they look super cute and she enjoyed playing with them but as you scroll down you'll see there were some squeezies that she found easier to use.

She had been really excited about the Tea and Cupcake set since it arrived and it didn't disappoint, she loved pouring from the teapot into the tiny cups. It did mean a few mouthfuls of bathwater though! The cupcakes squirt water when squeezed so there's lots to keep a toddler amused here.

Next up, into the bath that was now becoming more full of toys than it was water, was the See and Squirt Mirror toy. This has suckers that attach it to the wall or edge of the bath and worked really well (I feel like I need to add that because we've had toys in the past that slide down immediately). The Squirters that came with this toy were hands down the easiest for her to operate and she had great fun squirting water at the mirror. What I love about it is that you can 'dock' the squirters into the slots behind the mirror when you're finished playing! 

Lastly, we introduced the Learn Letters and Numbers, they're really large and stick well to the bath when wet, they'll be great for teaching her spelling and counting through play as she gets older. As it turns out they stick well to pretty much any surface when wet, including toddler heads.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this useful. Do you have any questions? Come chat to me on Instagram! Click here to find out more about Munchkin. 

Disclaimer: This advertising content was produced in collaboration with Munchkin but all views are my (and baby G's) own! 


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