Thursday, 3 May 2018

Toddler Eats: Super Easy No-Measuring Banana Porridge Pancakes

G has never been a big eater, she rarely 'wolfs' anything down so mealtimes are often a battle. Tired of having her baby porridge splattered around the room, I looked at that red box and wondered if there was another way. It turned out there was. I'd heard about banana and oat pancakes but was a little worried after a 'baby friendly flapjack' incident at a birthday party during our early weaning adventures, so I wondered what would happen if I used Ready Brek instead. What happened, my friends was a taste sensation. I can't harp on about these moist (sorry) banana beauties any more, they're delicious and I often end up eating a whole one while checking that they're cool enough for her. She loves them and will happily feed herself at least two, I can't tell you how much this pleases me, because unknowingly she's wolfing (yes!) down a whole banana, a bowl's-worth of porridge and an egg. I had been making it up as I went along (and you totally can do that) but I've noted down rough volumes to give you a hand...

You will need 
1 medium banana 
1 egg
3 heaped desert spoons of Ready Brek 
1 + 1/2 heaped desert spoon flour 


1. Squish the banana a little while still in its skin, this is optional but will save you a little elbow grease in a moment, then empty the banana into a bowl and squash with a fork, consistency is up to you, but I'm fine with a few lumps. 

2. Spoon in three heaped desert spoons of Ready Brek and use a fork to mix with the banana

3. Add the egg. Mix. 

4. Add one and a half heaped desert spoons of plain flour, guessed it, mix with that fork again! Your mixture will be thick and a little lumpy. That's cool. 

5. Plop a knob of butter into a preheated frying pan and blob a couple of spoons of mixture into the middle. Squash down a little. You're looking for around half a centimetre. 

6. As soon as you can get a spatula in there flip it over and brown the other side.

7. Pat yourself on the back, and make sure they're properly cooled before giving to your toddler. I tend to cut mine into pieces but older children could tackle them whole! 

Please tag me on Instagram if you try this recipe out, I'd love to see your creations! 

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