Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Toddler & Me: 16 Months

These updates feel less necessary. I suppose I was using them as a kind of therapy. Yes, it was great to chart her progress and I think I'll be really glad that I took the time to write the highs and lows of the first year of motherhood but it was also really cathartic. Once we passed the eleven month mark, it's just slipped my mind. It's a good thing, I haven't needed to decompress, I'm just, well, getting on with it. I'm loving it. I've updated her status from to toddler because she's not a baby anymore. I'm not sad about it. I don't want to rewind, but I would like to press pause just about now.

She talks, she walks, she understands what I'm asking and purposefully does the opposite, she's a clever, single minded, busy little lady, she makes me laugh every day. She is blooming fantastic. For all the challenges that sixteen months brings, I find it a whole load easier than any of the stages before it.

Her vocab seems to be growing daily (yes, that's the idea Nicola), she has a good go at trying to repeat words back to us now, and has learnt to fill in prompts. If I say: "ready, steady" she says "go' (then remains firmly seated at the top of the slide), if I say "one" she says "two". This THRILLS me. My favourite of her words right now are "offal" which means "careful" and a " tickle"  which is a feather, obviously.

She has the ability to follow directions now, I chose my words carefully there because she has very selective hearing and tends to do whatever she fancies but she'll stop and think about whether she wants to adhere to my request (spoiler, she usually doesn't). She's just about learning the two part instructions. i.e. "go and find your doll and take it to Daddy".

She plays independently, in probably ten minute bursts, when she'll pop over to deliver me a ball, an imaginary cup of tea or a sticker and as long as I'm not doing anything really interesting, like, say, emptying the dishwasher she'll go back to her business.  I usually aim for at least an hour a day where we do something entirely for her, a trip to the park, a playgroup or even just an indoor activity like cake baking, play doh or paddling pool fun, apart from that she joins me on errands, chases the hoover, climbs into the washing machine. That kind of thing.

Although she's really chatty and confident at home, as soon as she meets a stranger she becomes really shy, she'll cling to me and even when she finally becomes brave enough to peel herself from me, she'll refuse to talk. I take her to playgroups several times a week so I think (hope) it's just something that she'll grow out of.

Finally, I think this is worth a mention because I very rarely meet another toddler with so few...she still only has four teeth! I know they'll come eventually so I'm not losing any sleep over it!

I'm doing ok! For the next month I'm just working on  a few brand collaborations and my small business, Happy Decs which I can do while she's asleep. I seem to go in waves, some weeks it all feels very overwhelming and other weeks it's the perfect balance. I'm having a good week right now where it's all slotting together ok, just don't ask me if there are any clean socks or I'll blow!

I've started doing a spot of exercise, okay, I've been twice, to Zumba, but I like it, it feels good and it makes me want to eat better so it has to be a positive thing. I'm not looking to lose any weight but it would be great to tame a bit of the wobble before we book our holiday.

That's the sum of our news at sixteen months, see you when we're older!


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